Explosive FX FAQs

Do I need approvals and who do I call first?

Yes, you need to apply and receive a fireworks display permit for either a private or public fireworks program. A telephone call must be made to the local Fire Department for the required information pertaining to a firework display permit. We will assist you through this process.

Do I need insurance?

Yes! It is essential to have public liability insurance when performing work in public or private properties. Comprehensive general liability insurance is included in your fireworks budget.

How big an area do we need to display the fireworks?

A fallout zone is needed to keep the audience a safe distance from the location where the fireworks are fired. The size of the fallout zone is determined based upon the size of the largest fireworks shell displayed.

What if the weather is bad?

We will do our best to perform the show even in the worse possible weather, we do monitor the weather frequently during the week prior to the show taking place and may modify the plans or effects used to accommodate effects caused by wind direction.

What do I need to do to reserve my date and how much lead-time is needed?

A reservation deposit will hold your date. Once date and location are confirmed, call us and we will walk you through the rest of the process. Generally a minimum of two weeks is needed to apply for permitting. Preferences are given to annual programs, all other events are confirmed on a first come basis.

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