Confetti / Specialty Effects


Safely and effectively enhance your event with professional confetti services inluding:

  • Cannons - Single shot cannons provide a burst of confetti over or near spectators.
  • Continuous Cannons - Billowing clouds of confetti float continuously over large areas.
  • Streamers - Streams of confetti ribbons arch over or near spectators for a unique special effect.
  • Custom Shaped and Imprinted Confetti - Custom company logos, shapes, or imprinted confetti adds a special touch to any event.

Water Fog:

Water fogging or misting is generally used outdoors but does have some indoor applications. Misting systems utilize 100% water to produce a fog very similar to that of a spring or fall morning. Water fog in an arid environment can actually lower the temperature up to 25' degrees in the immediate area and does offer some cooling wherever it is installed. We have installed water-fogging systems all over the world in different applications including theme parks, water parks, shopping centers, miniature golf courses, backyards and swimming pools.


EFX Can create all kinds of different fog and smoke effects. We utilize a variety of mediums to produce these effects from simple water to glycol-based theatrical smoke machines, from LN2 and CO2 cryogenic fog effects to water and misting systems.


Let it Snow! A winter wonderland indoors, outdoors anytime of the year. EFX can produce this experience from non-toxic foam flakes which evaporate upon impact, creating a special effect perfect for theater, film or audience participation. We specialize in a variety of snow effects.


Thousands of small and large bubbles per minute shoot outward whether with helium, colored smoke, ultra violet light, adding a delightful and intriguing atmosphere to any function.

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